Month: October 2019

Free Indeed

Whether you’re trapped by anxiety, addiction, abuse, shame, or besetting sin, hear me now: you CAN be free for good. The One who made the stars allowed His Son to be killed and resurrected to buy your freedom, if you’ll have it.

If you’ll live it.


But what is this IF, and upon what is this freedom contingent?

Make no mistake, God is faithful. His son is the chain-breaker. His freedom is absolute.

The IF depends on you, on me. IF we ask Him to break our chains and tear down our prison walls, He will. IF we receive the healing freedom he offers in those strong and faithful hands, our freedom will be complete.

Have you ever thought of the alternative? What if you didn’t take the freedom and instead you stayed in your prison cell, though the walls were broken down? What if you left His gift of freedom there in His hands, never receiving it, never living it? What if you refused to believe the impossible with faith?

It is possible to live in your bondage, if you choose that. You can cling to those chains of idolatry and anxiety and fear and doubt and addiction and unforgiveness, holding them around you like a blanket, though they are loosed. 


You can choose to receive His gift of freedom with gratitude and walk free indeed. The hard work is done by Christ alone, and all you need to do is cooperate with His freedom path for your life. Take up your cross, which is an easy burden and a light yoke He bears with you.

Leave behind that shame-filled jail and truly live.

Live free indeed.


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“If the Son sets your free, you are truly free.” -John 8:36