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Consuming Fire

by Robyn Langdon

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​​The nation’s future rests in Josiah’s young hands. Enemies unite against his people at every border. Everywhere he turns another priest, another god, another idol, another medium offers spiritual wisdom or revelation. He never expects to find answers in the dilapidated temple on the hill behind his palace.

Hamutal is a humble shepherdess betrothed to a man she barely knows, struggling to find herself and to recall the mesmerizing voice of God she heard once on a mountain top in her childhood. When a rowdy band of criminals assaults her at Jerusalem’s cistern one afternoon before Sabbath, she feels hopeless until Josiah, disguised in commoner’s clothes, rescues her and leaves the men bleeding in the street.

Josiah’s journey to find truth leads him to Jehovah’s altar and, together with the woman he rescued from both tedium and peril, he seeks to leave behind the scandalous past of his grandfather’s monarchy in exchange for the commands of Jehovah. What will he do when restorers of the Temple at Jerusalem unearth an ancient scroll that spells doom for them all? Be it priest, prophet, pharaoh, or prostitute, can anyone stand between this passionate king and his pursuit of uniting his subjects with the living God?


What others are saying about Consuming Fire:

“King Josiah’s narrative has never been more crucial to the timeline of human history than it is today.  Robyn Langdon has captured the wisdom and leadership of this courageous king, creating ancient ties that link modern life to the original sin, unearthing similar horrors of trafficking and abuse, and showcasing the enduring freedom and hope that underscore the entirety of the gospel.”
-Dr. Lisa Dunne: Speaker, Educator, and Author of The Multigenerational Marketplace

“Consuming Fire weaves a beautiful tapestry of faith and devotion against a backdrop of doubts and apostasy. As you follow the story of a king and a shepherdess who search for Jehovah and follow His call, you find yourself caught up in the emotional decisions they must face. This book is not only well-written, it is an opportunity to look deeply into our own faith and how far we are willing to go to put that faith into action.”
-Rev. Laverne Weber, Motivational Speaker and Author of Victory’s Journey and Moving On

“Robyn Langdon is a fresh voice in Biblical fiction, and she paints a word picture that places the reader in the center of the story. Consuming Fire shows Josiah’s search for God, as he simultaneously finds a young shepherdess. Learning the truth about who they are, who their God is, and what He expects of them leads them into more than they anticipated. Their love story, combined with the ultimate love story, reminds the reader that a relationship is always worth fighting for.”
-Suzanne Schaffer, author of Simple Things