Angel at Trader Joe’s

Covid-19 Social Distancing Day 5 I called my mom yesterday to check in. We’ve been texting but I wanted to hear her voice and have a longer conversation because, well, everyone still needs her mom. Even when you’re 41. And maybe she needed me. But probably not as much. (Call your mom if she’s still on… Continue reading Angel at Trader Joe’s

Free Indeed

Whether you’re trapped by anxiety, addiction, abuse, shame, or besetting sin, hear me now: you CAN be free for good. The One who made the stars allowed His Son to be killed and resurrected to buy your freedom, if you’ll have it. If you’ll live it.   But what is this IF, and upon what… Continue reading Free Indeed

My Thoughts After a Cancer Scare

10/3/18 “Abnormal glandular cells – favor dysplasia,” she said. Have fun Googling that one.     About a month ago I had an abnormal pap smear after not going to the GYN for several years. Don’t judge – it just didn’t seem important. The kids are important. The church is important. Putting food on the… Continue reading My Thoughts After a Cancer Scare